and knowledge


Laboratory safety principles

Attention and study of the signs installed in the laboratory
Wearing a lab coat during the test
Use of mask and protective glasses if necessary
Paying attention to the labels on chemicals
Not moving bottles containing chemicals
Closing the lids of jars containing chemicals after each use

Principles of safety in surgery

In surgery, safety and hygiene principles are very important. Physicians must use medical equipment and instruments with care and follow safety guidelines. Also, to prevent side and unwanted injuries, appropriate safety measures such as the use of special clothes, gloves and safety glasses should be performed in surgery.


Medicine is an applied knowledge whose purpose is to maintain and promote health, prevent and treat diseases, and rehabilitate the injured; This work is done by recognizing diseases, diagnosing, treating and preventing their occurrence. Medical knowledge is based on a wide range of disciplines from physics and biology to social sciences, engineering and humanities. Today, the goal of medical knowledge is to use knowledge-based technologies and deductive reasoning to solve clinical problems. Discoveries about the nature of genes and cells have provided a window to define physiology based on molecular systems. This physiological insight has paved the way for a better understanding of complex disease processes and new therapeutic approaches.

Salient features of HIS system

In the past few years, the health-treatment centers of our country, especially the hospitals, have tried to mechanize their information systems. In the beginning, the purpose of such activities was to reduce costs caused by paperwork in manual and administrative systems, but now we have reached a stage where improving the quality of providing medical services is becoming more and more important. Its lifespan is stored in an electronic file that can be accessed anywhere in the country through a national computer network.
Today, advanced computer technology is known as a reliable and cost-effective tool for the integration of various application software in health-therapeutic environments.