Graduated from Rafsanjan University of Medical Science-2012

  • He started his dental practice in 2012 in a specialized dental clinic with a lot of experienced dentists. Meanwhile, he started his private practice and also worked as an associate in some clinics.
  • When he felt confident in his work and was able to do every procedure perfectly, he began his NDEB (National Dental Examination Board of Canada) journey and went through a challenge to qualify his knowledge and skills. It is worth mentioning that he passed his practical exam on his first attempt and finally got his Canadian Dental Board certification in January 2018. Then he took some courses in Digital Dentistry and clear aligner therapy and worked in this field for 5 years.
  • Mohammadhossein has an interest in aesthetic dentistry, and is experienced in short-term orthodontics and clear aligner therapy.
  • With a strong belief in preventative and minimally invasive dentistry, he places great emphasis on patient care and comfort. He is a fantastic member of The Sina Dental Clinic team and his patients can rest assured that they are under the supervision of the most conscientious and caring practitioner they have ever met.