·         Medical University of Tehran

Educational Background:

·         The second course of useful guidance-1986

·         10th grade of Mofid High School-1990

·         General Doctor of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences-1996

Work Experience:

·         Employed in dental treatment in Ilam in the private and public sectors until 1998

·         Establishment of the current office in 1998

·   Deputy Department of Dental Equipment, Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, 2014

·   Chairman of the Board of Directors of Etiyeh Salamat Iranian Company (a quasi-dental insurance company) from 2011 to 2014

·         Design and implementation of the online dental file in Etieh Salamat Iranian company

·      Design and implementation of the online monitoring system for dental treatments of clinics contracted by Etieh Salamat Iranian Company

·       Designing and implementing a new tariff system in the private sector in Atieh Salamat Iranian Company

·   Design and implementation of the rating system of doctors, offices, and clinics of the contracting party of Atieh Salamat Iranian Company

Notable Certificates:

·         The certificate of implant and digital implant from Stroman Switzerland

·         Implant certification from several reputable European and Korean companies

·         The founder and current chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mofid Medical Sciences Association

Notable Memberships:

·         Member of the founding board of the Mofid educational complex alumni club

·         Member of the Board of Directors of Mofid Alumni Club

·         Member of the Board of Directors of Tabsem Omid Specialized Dentistry Charity



·        The head and founder of the Jihadi group of dentists who provided emergency dental services to all the damaged villages during the Kermanshah earthquake

·        Designer and executive of Digital Medical Equipment Holding in the field of digital dentistry education,

·         Consultation and implementation of digital dental clinics and laboratories

·         Branding and Marketing

·         Establishment and operation of dentistry and digital laboratory since 2016